The Power of CBC: RMG needed a new capabilities brochure. Through the CBC sponsored National Night Out trade show, RMG marketing director, Jennifer Gadaitis met graphic designer, Gayle Albertini with Gayleforce Design. RMG hired Gayleforce Design to produce the brochure. Gayleforce Design hired Bob Dumon of Robert Dumon Photography, CBC member, to take the photographs for the brochure. This is win-win for all parties. Shared resources and mutual support produced a beautiful and effective printed piece. The above photo sequence is a just a small taste of the beautiful photos Bob Dumon added to the project increasing the potential for success.

Big Apple Pizza

Big Apple is a local pizza waterhole. Through Sarah Walston, manager, the Big Apple participated in CBC trade shows by selling catering services for events. This encourages CBC members to frequent her restaurant as a thank you and to show their loyalty for her contribution. Big Apple delivers stellar catering services and CBC members often meet there for meetings, lunch or dinner. Think local,  THINK CBC FIRST!

Realtors Open House

On Thursday, October 17, 2013, the CBC sponsored a Realtors' Open House. The event was designed to showcase Fairfield Harbour to realtors in New Bern and the tri-county area. Deemed an overwhelming success, the event drew over 200 realtors to the Fairfield Harbour community. The event included a driving tour of nine open houses, informal tours of the Broad Creek Recreation Center and Pools, a luncheon catered by Big Apple and FH Food & Spirits and door prizes. Presentations were made by POA President, Larry Knapp who spoke about the current social climate of FH, Michael Cooper of Billy Casper Golf who spoke about recent improvements on the course, and Andrea McConnell of RMG and Broad Creek Rec Center who spoke about their facilities—ranging from two pools to miniature golf. To add value to the luncheon an update on new flood insurance changes was presented. It was also an opportunity to meet Fairfield Harbour business owners and community leaders. The Realtors Open House drew from talents of many CBC members. This event represented a cooperative effort by all of the CBC members.


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