Margaret Rose of Neuse Realty named Realtor ® of the Year for 2017

On January 31, 2018, Margaret Rose was named Realtor ® of the Year for 2017. Margaret Rose is president and broker-in-charge and co-owner of Neuse Realty. This prestigious award was presented at the Annual Awards and Installation Luncheon of the Neuse River Region Board of Realtors ®. Selection criteria for this honor include service to industry, civic and service clubs at local, state and national levels. The honoree must exhibit the highest level of business conduct and customer service.

The Realtor ® of the Year award was created by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) in 1956 to recognize outstanding leadership at the state and local levels. This year the NAR started a new tradition to ensure the standards of the award are carried on. The esteemed gold medallion award must be passed on to a worthy leader, who demonstrates those traits. Rose received gold medallion number 650, and now must pass it on, as imprinted on the token. Rose commented, “... this will be the greatest keep the golden token going year after year and thereby reinforce the standards associated with the local, state and national Realtor® organizations. “

Rose received additional valuable prizes with the award. “I will, however, keep the trophy, the lapel pin and the book Reaching Zenith, the 10 Intangible Skills of Great CEOS, since nobody plateaus....there is always more to learn,” said Rose.

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