Karen Dodd to visit PCC

Almost everyone has heard of the ‘left-brain’ vs ‘right-brain’ myth. You’re either creative-right or analytical-left. However, if you take a look at Karen Dodd’s background, you would find that myth to be just that—a myth.

From school administrator to financial advisor, Dodd never thought she would one day become an author of eight published books and many magazine articles, including some published in Our State Magazine.

“Back in the 80’s, I was working as a school administrator at East Carolina University, where I wrote grants and ran workshops. In the 90’s, I was a school teacher and later worked for the school board in Carteret County, so I guess I have always had a career where I needed to write” says Dodd.

But when Dodd retired, she began reflecting on her time and history in eastern North Carolina. With such happy, positive memories, she knew she needed to do something to preserve them for her family.

“I wanted my grandchildren and great grandchildren to know the way we grew up. I wanted them to know their family in a way that was just not possible. If I preserved our family’s memories, then they would always know who they are and where they came from.”

A passion for preserving memories turned into a love of story-telling. Now, eight published books later, Dodd has stopped publishing her books, but still believes in giving back to the community. She wants to help other writers publish their own books.

Karen Dodd has teamed up with Pamlico Community College’s Cultural and Life Enrichment program. Together, they will be offering series on writing and publishing. The first series is titled, “So you want to write a book?”

In this series, Karen Dodd will discuss the trials and tribulations of self-publishing.

“There are many dangers of doing it yourself. You need to know how to avoid ‘phishing for your money’ ads, poor editing, sloppy formatting, blurred photos, and under marketing,” says Dodd.

Dodd’s advice will help you publish your book in 12 months or less, without the hassle normally associated with self-publishing.

This interactive seminar will be held on Thursday, November 10th at 6pm in PCC’s library. The cost to attend this event is $10.

To reserve your seat at this informative program, or if you have any questions, please contact Denise Meyerson at 252-617-1376.

Pamlico Community College is located at 5049 NC Hwy 306 S. in Grantsboro.

Article by Townley Cheek, Director of Public Affairs, Pamlico Community College

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