Karen Dodd, the Quilting Mandarin


Karen Dodd, the Quilting Mandarin, delivered an Anniversary Quilt to Michelle Noevere who purchased the gift to celebrate her son's first anniversary. Dodd used the colors of the young couple's wedding, included colleges attended and hobbies of the couple on the quilt. Having sat down with her client, Dodd found out where the son, August, proposed, where they married, and personal jokes between the couple. Noevere said, "This is such a special gift! The edges are bicycles and the center has flip flops and seashells. I love it."

Dodd takes orders for special quilts and jackets for her clients. She is currently piecing a Wedding Quilt and a Banner for the Daughters of the KIng, Episcopal church ladies. She currently has a booth at the New Bern Farmers Market on the second weekend of each month and during ArtWalk she can be found in the Isaac Taylor Gardens. Her website is www.karenedodd.net and she sells on Etsy.com as thequiltingmandarin.

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