CBC is dedicated to developing the business potential of members and promoting Fairfield Harbour in general. The CBC strives to provide service to our members by offering:

  • Networking and support

  • Sharing resources when available

  • Training Seminars - providing educational events and business coaching,

  • ​Business tradeshows that provide opportunity to market your business

  • Joint and cooperative promotions

  • ​Encouragement among businesses and sharing creativity

  • Increased member exposure to many other people and businesses

  • ​Increased referrals

  • Informational newsletters with educational material on networking, public speaking, and other business interests.

Golf Packages

Harbour Pointe Golf Club and Resort Management Group developed a Stay and Play Golf Package. Through mutual support of each other, Harbour Pointe and RMG were able to increase their profit potential through joint advertising, combined marketing budgets and resources.    

Trade Shows

Spring Showcase is an example of a CBC sponsored Trade Show that builds awareness of CBC businesses, showcases FH facilities and utilizes CBC members' talent. We realize that planning and implementing a major trade show requires talent and planning with the cooperation of members. CBC committee members join forces to bring a quality trade show to life.

Increase exposure

Think CBC First! 

CBC offers networking and word of mouth recommendation at its finest. When a business colleague is looking for a photographer - CBC members recommend a CBC photographer from their group. When a resident is looking for air conditioning repair, the first person recommended is a CBC member. This mutual promotion benefits all involved. 

Education Events
& Business Coaching

Training seminars are available for CBC members to assist them in improving a variety of essential business skills, e.g., marketing strategies, public speaking, improved and co-op advertising, communications skills, finance basics, software review and social media instruction to name a few upcoming classes. Training sessions are recommended and voted on by members. Business coaches are often times CBC members or skilled professionals in the greater New Bern area

Through informational newsletters, CBC members get up-to-date business tips on marketing, public speaking, advertising strategies, social media and a variety of other valuable information that busy business owners don't always have the time to research.  

Let's face it. When you are in business, it is a valuable asset to have colleagues to bounce ideas off. Brainstorming has been proven to increase the success of a project. CBC promotes sharing ideas and creativity. Because when one of our members succeeds in their business goals, all CBC members benefit. That is the power of encouragement.