Find your spot in the parade on the maps below. Please arrive at the parade line-up location by 2 pm on Sunday, December 5.

Heightened Security:

We live in a community with many advantages, one of which is the presence of security at our gate entry points as well as security patrol to help keep our community as safe as possible.  Considering the recent Waukesha Christmas parade tragedy, parades around the country are tightening security. In the interest of our residents’ safety, Fairfield Harbor security is ramping up our security as well. Here are the precautions we are taking:

Gate Entry:

  • Pelican Drive will be closed between Felucca Drive and Gondolier starting at 2:30 pm to ALL VEHICULAR TRAFFIC. No exceptions. If you are in the parade, you must be at the line-up before 2:30. You may walk into the parade from Felucca, but no cars, floats, trailers, or golf carts will be allowed past Felucca Drive after 2:30 pm.

  • Guests must be called into security by the resident they are visiting. You can contact security at the main gate at 252-636-5566. If your guests name is not on the log at the main gate, they will be denied entry.

  • No large trucks or contractors’ vehicles will be granted entry between 2 pm and 4 pm except for vehicles and floats that are in the parade.

  • West Craven band members will arrive by bus by 2 pm. Band members, parents, grandparents or guests must be on an approved list that must be delivered by the WCHS band director to the security main gate prior to the parents and guests’ arrival or they will be denied entry into FH. 

Thank you for understanding and please do your part by arriving at the line-up on time. 

2021 parade old cart barn map.jpg
2021 Parade Pelican Park revised for boaters.jpg
85x11 2021 FH Christmas Parade poster.png

Come help us celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Fairfield Harbour Parade!

25th Annual Fairfield Harbour Parade
Sunday, December 5. 3:00 pm parade kick-off!


The Fairfield Harbour 25th Annual Christmas Parade is set for Sunday, December 5 at 3:00 pm. As a Fairfield Harbour resident, we cordially invite you to join your neighborhood parade. Your participation will add to the excitement and magic of the 2021 Christmas Parade.


PARADE ROUTE: Pelican Park and the cart barn, cross Gondolier Drive to Helm Drive and ends at Red Sail Park. The lineup is from 2- 2:45 and the parade kicks off at 3:00 pm.

In the spirit of Christmas, we are offering complimentary finger food desserts from community clubs and the 2021 Parade committee for all parade participants and attendees at Red Sail Park. Coffee and water are also provided for free. Food trucks will be on hand to buy food. Red Sail activities last until 6:00 pm. 

If you and your group want to join the parade: 

  • Please pick up the application from the POA office or download the application here and return no later than December 1. You may return the form to the POA office or drop in the brown box of Gayle Albertini (917 Crooked Creek) or Leigh Pfefferkorn (902 Pelican Drive.)  

If you would like to donate food for Red Sail Park festivities: 

  • Please pick up the application from the POA office or download the application here and return no later than December 1. You may return the form to the POA office or drop in the brown box of Ellen McElree (6101 Cutlass Drive.)  


If you want to volunteer to help, please contact:  

The FH Parade is sponsored by the CBCFH (Cooperative Business Council of Fairfield Harbour) and Fairfield Harbour POA. Please come out and join the fun! 


CBCer’s come out and join us in the parade! We need your help! If you want to volunteer to help organize, decorate, and have fun in the 2021 Fairfield Harbour Christmas Parade, contact Gayle (252-349-4996 or We have plenty to do! 

Thank you! The FH Parade Committee 

Sponsored by CBFH and Fairfield Harbour POA