March CBC meeting canceled, Spring Showcase to be rescheduled.. 

For the past several days, our world as we know it, has taken some major steps to limit exposure to a virus known as Covid19. Buildings, parks, etc. have been closed to group gatherings in our community and beyond. These are major steps that are being taken with good cause as we know not who may have been exposed.

As such, the CBC Board has decided to cancel the scheduled March meeting. This will also impact the planning and implementation of Spring Showcase, so it is our decision to cancel that as well and revisit the idea as we approach the scheduled date of our April meeting.

We do not take these decisions lightly and appreciate your continued support of our Cooperative Business Council.

Stay tuned for updates!

Thank you, Benny Thompson, CBCFH chairman

Our Mission


The mission of the  Cooperative Business Council of Fairfield Harbour (CBC) is to be an advocate for and to encourage cooperative and mutual support of businesses providing goods and services to the Fairfield Harbour and Broad Creek Corridor communities. Multi-partner initiatives and events will be encouraged and supported.


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CBCFH is the Cooperative Business Council of Fairfield Harbour. As an organization, we support members in their business endeavors, encourage referrals among members, build awareness of services, and enlist cooperation among members for the overall good of Fairfield Harbour and the CBC.


The vision of CBCFH is to help members increase their business through structured events, positive messaging and mutual cooperation.

  • Networking and support

  • Sharing resources 

  • Educational events and business coaching

  • ​Business tradeshows that provide opportunities for marketing

  • Joint and cooperative promotions

  • Encouragement among businesses

  • Increased exposure for member businesses both within the community and the greater New Bern area

  • ​Increased referrals

  • Informational newsletters with educational material on networking, public speaking, and other business interests

2018 Spring Showcase

Croatan Village Assisted Living & Memory Care with Teri Barker, Executive Director; Karyn Jones, Sales & Marketing Director